Natural Sun Bath

We have a clean bath every day but how about a natural sun bath? While you think of bathing naturally, you can use good body scrubs such as honey body scrub. There are many homemade recipes for self-tanning and bronzing. One of the easiest natural tanning recipes is to mix your favorite natural white lotion […]

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Flaunt Your Fragrance

Only possessing a beautiful fragrance isn’t all, you must know to follow the ways to flaunt your fragrance. You must own a fragrance that is natural and that you carry proudly. Present day’s beauty pageants advocate beauty not only in appearance and accessories, but also in a refreshing persona. The refreshing persona inevitably requires a […]


Natural Skin Care

There are many ways to experience the real natural beauty without getting obsessive for achieving beauty as an award. You get many home made tips natural treatments for your skin such as home remedy for dry feet. Get an idea about natural skin care regime through the following: A beautiful face is not complete without […]

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Tips For Healthy Nails

Nails are a unique part of your body and define your approach. It is your nail that can make or break your identity to present what kind of image you hold. The beauty and health of your nails can talk about your over all beauty. While you take care of your nails, don’t forget to […]

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