Tips For Cheeks

When applying blush, you want the color to look soft and natural, as if it comes from within. Read below for tips on how to put on make-up. Tap or lightly blow on the applicator brush to remove any excess blush before applying to prevent a harsh and uneven application. Apply your blush on the […]


Career Woman’s Beauty

Women today are juggling and taking care of their homes as well as their careers. Office going females have to attend to challenging chores of the office but also has to take well care of the household responsibilities. Being highly engaged indoors and outdoors she is left with no or very little time for her […]


Natural Nails

Our hands are such an integral part of our daily lives, and constantly, we risk their health and strength, often without even noticing, because of the hustle and bustle of our day-to-day activities. Take a few moments each day, or at least a few times a week, to monitor the condition of your nails. Just […]

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Day Spa Tips

In the present era, spa has become the buzz word that is swaying the whole nation. Today‚Äôs lifestyle has become so stressful and hectic that after having gone through an arduous day, people look for several means to de-stress their mind and body. It is here that spas come to play a vital role. Health […]


Makeup for Dark Skin

The measuring rod for a womans beauty is her fair complexion. Though theoretically everybody agrees that not complexion, but charm is the most desirable quality of beauty, the deciding factor still is fairness of skin. A healthy, smooth and glowing skin makes a woman stunningly attractive despite her dark skin complexion. A fair complexion is […]


Makeup for glowing skin

You can make your skin glow with the appropriate makeup products. its essential to apply a moisturizer or a hydrating face cream every morning no matter your skin type or age. Choose a sheer liquid foundation and apply it onto a cleansed and well-moisturized face. If you want to make your foundation flawless-looking and to […]

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Face Facial Tips

How to bring back the glow is the question foremost on the minds of most men and women considering getting a facial done. The best facial is one that constitutes use of natural ingredients because they contain all of the essential vitamins that the skin needs and are able to revitalize it without the worry […]

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