Beauty From Milk

We have become so much artificial based that we forget about the natural world that is still alive. Whether its beauty product or apparels there is a natural way to get them. In the same way, one of nature’s most pure element that is milk can do wonders to create your natural beauty. You may […]

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Natural Sun Bath

We have a clean bath every day but how about a natural sun bath? While you think of bathing naturally, you can use good body scrubs such as honey body scrub. There are many homemade recipes for self-tanning and bronzing. One of the easiest natural tanning recipes is to mix your favorite natural white lotion […]

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Natural Skin Care

There are many ways to experience the real natural beauty without getting obsessive for achieving beauty as an award. You get many home made tips natural treatments for your skin such as home remedy for dry feet. Get an idea about natural skin care regime through the following: A beautiful face is not complete without […]

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Exercise Well for Healthier Skin

Do you exercise? If not, that could be exactly what you are missing. It does not entirely matter what it is that you decide to do. Go jogging, do yoga or just walk out. Exercise does not necessarily mean you have to drive yourself to the limit of exhaustion, nor does it mean you have […]

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Home Remedy For Dry Feet

While, you watch the climate changing and getting dry, you know its even on your feet. Your feet can carry the most of beauty if treated properly. The first step for at-home treatment is to wash or soak your feet everyday in lukewarm water and a mild soap. There are also home remedies and natural […]

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Natural Tips For Better Sleep

We all find it difficult when we have to maintain a proper balance in our lifestyle. Sleeping from time to time is another difficult task, yet cannot be avoided. But you can make it easier to get a good night’s sleep by following with these simple and natural tips. Cut caffeine Caffeine is one of […]

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Fragrance- is it natural

Most perfume fragrances are synthetic and often made from toxic substances derived from rough oil. There are more earth friendly alternatives and it’s simple to compose your own natural perfume too. Personally, we love the aroma of a good perfume but sometimes we get addicted to such compositions which trigger a very adverse physical reaction. […]

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