Day Spa Tips

In the present era, spa has become the buzz word that is swaying the whole nation. Today’s lifestyle has become so stressful and hectic that after having gone through an arduous day, people look for several means to de-stress their mind and body. It is here that spas come to play a vital role. Health fitness spas perk up your energy level and augment your enthusiasm.

To suit the varying needs of customers, distinctive kinds of day spa treatments are available. The benefit that one derives from the spa massage outweighs the cost incurred on it. The three main principles on which spa works are: massage, heat and resilience. Spas are basically the health centers where different kinds of body treatments are given.

Weight Loss Spa
Weight loss spa is a natural way of losing weight. The concept of weight loss spa is entirely different from that of other weight loss programs that focus on unnatural methods of losing weight including crash diets. Well, weight reduction health spa, on the contrary, aims at teaching people, the natural and healthy way of controlling their weight.

Hot Spring Spa
The hot tub spa treatment basically comprises of relaxing massage and luxury bath. Jet nozzles are installed around the hot spring spa center, through which the warm water is released. When the body is immersed in water, it sheds over 90% of the body weight, thereby relieving any kind of extra pressure that one may feel on the body.

Pool Spa
Who doesn’t want to be pampered and treated like a king/queen? Everyone is not blessed with riches. But, there are certain things that you can indulge in to make yourself feel really special. Well, we are talking about the pool spa, which is one of the most blissful experiences.

Foot Spa
As per the Chinese study, the feet of the humans contain nerve endings that are well connected with various parts of the body. With this belief, the Chinese are of the say that, a specialized foot massage with focus on specific points has the capability to cure any ailment, and then be it related to any part of the body.


Makeup for Dark Skin

The measuring rod for a womans beauty is her fair complexion. Though theoretically everybody agrees that not complexion, but charm is the most desirable quality of beauty, the deciding factor still is fairness of skin. A healthy, smooth and glowing skin makes a woman stunningly attractive despite her dark skin complexion. A fair complexion is prone to pimples, blackheads, spots and shadow. A tasteful makeup and choice of clothes enhance the beauty of a dark woman.

Use a liquid foundation before makeup. Select a darker shade of foundation in order to subdue the unwanted glow because a dark skin has a tendency to shine. Moreover, a lighter shade is unsuitable because the face may look patchy. If you are unable to get the correct shade, add a little distilled water in it. Rub in the lotion well so as to absorb it in skin otherwise after some time, the foundation will appear in waves on the face. Use only a little powder because a darkish complexion requires very less quantity of powder. Almond brown mascara and light tinged eye shadow are more suitable. In the choice of lipstick, go in for a shade lighter than the colour of your lips and give a light touch. Do not apply in excess. Use any lip-gloss during day time. For evening makeup, use an almond red shade on your lipstick, but avoid coffee colour shade or pink shade. For dark lips, lip-gloss is good.


Makeup for glowing skin

You can make your skin glow with the appropriate makeup products. its essential to apply a moisturizer or a hydrating face cream every morning no matter your skin type or age.
Choose a sheer liquid foundation and apply it onto a cleansed and well-moisturized face. If you want to make your foundation flawless-looking and to make it stay put on for longer consider applying a makeup primer before the foundation. The aim of a primer is to prepare the skin for the makeup application, to pamper the skin and creating a protective base for longer- lasting, natural looking foundation.

Consider applying a light-reflecting face powder if your skin is absolutely clear and free of pimples, scars, blackheads, whiteheads, brown spots and other skin imperfections. Apply the powder with a big, round powder brush over the entire face or only to the cheeks.

Use a blush in pink or peachy shade as these shades suit almost everyone and look more natural. Apply the blusher with a blush brush and build the color gradually. Use a powder blush as it last longer than a cream or gel blush. Choose brighter shades as they will make your skin glow and will freshen your skin.

Lipsticks or lip glosses in brighter shades will also make your skin glow. First outline your lips with a nude lip pencil or with a natural-toned lip liner and use a lipstick brush to apply the color evenly. Remove the excess with a tissue and then apply a second layer for a more saturated lip color and for a longer-lasting lipstick color.

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Face Facial Tips

How to bring back the glow is the question foremost on the minds of most men and women considering getting a facial done. The best facial is one that constitutes use of natural ingredients because they contain all of the essential vitamins that the skin needs and are able to revitalize it without the worry of harsh chemical additives that can affect the balance of the skin. Below are the different face facial tips:

  • Choosing a facial mask requires one to pay keen attention to the skin type and purchase a facial mask in accordance with the skin’s needs. These few minutes dedicated to finding the right kind of facial mask is what will spell the difference for the freshened and revitalized look to your face.
  • The other great benefit of commercially available facial masks is that they require minimum effort on your part as all the beautification, detoxification and exfoliation work is done by the active ingredients of the facial masks.
  • A facial mask is a unique and instantaneous way to complement the daily skin care routine and adds to the breathing power granted to the pores of the skin when combined with the beauty regime of cleansing, toning and moisturizing.
  • Whether your facial is the mask variety or cream-and-wash kind, take care that it must not be done too frequently as this can endanger the ph balance of your skin.
  • Applying a facial mask should be restricted to a weekly procedure and correspond to your skin type to ensure the most positive beautifying effect to your face.
  • If you have a dry skin, look for facials that will replenish the moisture needed by your facial skin and go in for products that offer coco or shear butter, lanolin, Vaseline, natural or scented fruit or nut-extract oils for extra nourishment. Fruit extracts like strawberry, peach, apricot and banana with milk components are believed to rejuvenate and hydrate dry skin.
  • Choose a facial that will soften the upper derma layers and improve its color, clean and contract, intensify circulation of blood so you get that healthy, youthful glow on your face.
  • Always thoroughly cleanse your skin to receive the maximum benefit of a home facial and include the neck area for massaging and treating during a facial too.

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Skin Lightening Remedies

Skin lightening remedies are useful for restoring an even tone to blotchy, discolored skin. They can also reduce the appearance of freckles. You can try some natural remedies for fading tans.

Apricots, Strawberries and Grapes

Mash the apricot fruit and pat it on your face. For a more complex, blend with /12 teaspoon lemon juice with the pureed fruit before applying to skin.

Rinse a bunch of green grapes, squeeze out the juice. Rub the juice over tanned areas, allow it to dry, then rinse off.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice can be used in a variety of ways. Mix equal amount of glycerin and lemon juice, it can be sponged on to remove a tan.  When mixed to a paste with salt or sugar and allowed to remain on the skin for half an hour once each day, lemon juice may lighten brown splotches caused by the sun.


Milk, in its many guises, is a time-tested skin lightener. Mix 3 tablespoon milk and 1 teaspoon lime juice; it can be sponged on to remove a tan. Yogurt, plain or blended with an equal amount of buttermilk, can be used as night cream to ameliorate a fading tan.


Mash ripe tomatoes and apply the pulp to your fading tan. Let dry before removing with water.


Skin Exfoliation

If the dead cells of your skin aren’t sloughed off occasionally, they can enlarge your pores. It can lead to create a muddy look your complexion, and sometimes ashen appearance. So get it clear that your dead cells clinging to your skin are oldies, not goodies.

If you have approximate two minutes to spare just once or twice a week, you can remove dead skin cells by using the facial scrubs. The best time to exfoliate is after your skin has been thoroughly cleansed and while your skin is still moist.

Facial Scrub Treatment

  • Cleanse your skin thoroughly
  • Apply a dab of a facial scrub to the base of your throat, each cheek, and your forehead. The product works more efficiently if the skin is moistened again. Massage in gentle, yet firm circular movements with your fingertips.
  • Begin massaging at the base of your neck and work your way up to your forehead. Completely avoid your delicate eye area. Then splash your face with cool to tepid water to rinse away the product. You can use toner after rinsing if desired.
  • Finish this treatment by applying a moisturizer to moist skin.

How frequently you need to deep clean depends on your skin, maybe twice a week or once a month. Summer’s upbeat schedule of increased cell production and shedding may call for more frequent sloughing.


Spa Secrets For Body

Ever dreamed of a great spa treatment for your body? What you only need to know is the secrets and hidden tips to follow and practice so that you get on to your beauty easily. We have brought you some of the spa secrets for great looking face, hand and body treatments from spa experts that you can easily try at home too:

  • After the warm water shower, rub a mixture of coarsely ground coffee, sea salt and massage oil on your body in wide, circular motions and strong and even pressure. Shower once again and apply the body lotion.
  • For dry skin, prepare soothing and invigorating ginger skin cream. Mix fresh ginger juice, light sesame oil, apricot kernel oil, vitamin E oil and cocoa butter and heat it until the cocoa butter melts and oils blend.
  • Prepare moisturizing body scrub at home by mixing together liquid glycerin, water, sugar, solid coconut butter and few drops of your favorite essential oil. Blend glycerin, water and sugar to form a soft paste and mix the melted coconut oil to the mixture along with essential oils. Let it cool and then you can use if after bath.

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Inside Care For Skin

Your skin reveals what your mouth eats or doesn’t eat. Energy consumed into the bloodstream nourishes your skin. Alcoholic drinks and caffeine containing beverages, act as mild diuretics to dehydrate your system. But consuming supplements from fruit and vegetables, juices or herbal teas can be very helpful. Also drink six to eight glasses of water each day for better results.

Fruits, Vegetables and Fiber

Fruits and vegetables provide the backbone to keep you brightly beautiful and healthy by flushing toxins out of your body and avoiding constipation. Fresh, raw foods also contain enzymes that act as the body’s housekeepers to keep the bloodstream clear, and, cooked or uncooked, fruits and vegetables offer an appetizing supply of vitamins and minerals necessary for skin health.


Skin is predominantly protein, requires a daily supply from the foods you eat because protein molecules are not absorbed through the epidermis into underlying tissues, and registers a deficiency by becoming slack and loose. Collagen-containing protein foods help prevent and smooth out wrinkles. Fish, meats, poultry, eggs, dairy products, help your body equalize the balance between new and dying cells.


It is important for the production of skin pigment and for the prevention of blotches under the skin from ruptured blood vessels. It also cooperates with other nutrients to preserve the integrity of the elastic-like fibers supporting the skin.


Aids in the formation of collagen, helps prevent dry skin and stretch marks, and promotes blemish healing. Without enough zinc a deficiency of Vitamin A can occur even though the intake of that vitamin appears adequate.

Fats and Oils

The unsaturated fats in vegetable oils assist assimilation of fat soluble vitamins A, D, and E; contribute to your own natural oils to give your skin sheen, plump out fine lines, and create the fresh-faced look of youth. One or two tablespoons a day can be used as salad dressing or whizzed in the blender with milk, fruit, or vegetable drinks.


Makeup Removers

Once you have carried your beauty with the best makeup by keeping your Hands Away From Your Face, you don’t feel like getting back to the same old face of yours. You wish for your face to stay the way it is but it cant work that. You need to take off and clean every bit of that face on your face. This will help your skin to stay clean and protect your beauty from danger.

Makeup removers are important for clean skin. Most women in world with normal skin use water and tissues to remove the makeup but they should use a cleanser at night to remove makeup beacuse cleanser will cut through most face makeup and eye makeup is hard to remove and requires skill and oil to remove it.

Here some tips to remove makeup:

  • First, make sure your makeup removal routine is as gentle as possible.
  • Always begin with your eye makeup. Take sightly wet cotton ball with eye makeup remover and remove all traces of makeup by gently rub each eye until the makeup dissolves, but use a very gentle touch.
  • Now wash your eyes with a lukewarm water and also splash the water on your face.
  • Place a small of makeup cleanser in the center of one hand and rub your hands together to generate lather. Add water if necessary.
  • Apply the cleanser lather to your face and gently rub it.
  • Now rinse the face with water to ensure the removal of makeup cleanser.
  • Dry your face with the towel.

And now you are back with your same old look but remember this time it is cleaner and safer.


Hands Away From Your Face

We always check products to give beauty to our face and Makeup Removers to keep it clean and safe. But we don’t realize that most of the harm is caused to our face by own hands. Many times we scratch or rub our face badly even without realizing that we are destructing it’s beauty. Here are tips to keep your hands away from your face.

  1. Wear gloves in your hands all the time may work well. If you notice that you have your hands on your face at night, this will especially work. Use them during the day when you are in private, too. Just be sure to keep your gloves clean. Wash them weekly.
  2. Whether it’s your roommate, your siblings, or your parents, ask them to scold you when they see you touching your face. Just be sure to tell them that it’s comfortable for you to use your hands to wash your face.
  3. When you wash your face, don’t scrub too hard. This will irritate your face, and cause you to attempt rubbing the pain away.
  4. Don’t scratch your face. You could scratch acne, making the condition worse.
  5. Be busy and also let your hands be busy too. You can take up games or any other computer game which can draw your attention from your hands. You can even take up the free hands.